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Samson Switchblade: “The World’s First Flying Sports Car”

by Joseph
Samson Switchblade

Samson Switchblade

I’m pretty sure that flying cars have now been a cliche of the present being disappointing compared to the way the future was supposed to be back in the old days for longer than they were actually depicted as being part of the future, but nevertheless: The technology necessary to make flying cars happen seems to be making a belated arrival, and now we have the Samson Switchblade.

The Samson Switchblade is billed as “the world’s first flying sports car,” but in actuality it’s really more of an experimental small aircraft that also happens to be street legal. Of course, it’s in the air above the streets that the real magic happens, where the Switchblade can hit a top speed of 200 miles per hour at up to 13,000 feet up.

Priced at a cool 85 grand and up, you can get more information on the Samson Switchblade at the official Samson site here. Next stop, rayguns, teleporters, lightspeed travel, etc.

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