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SalvageWon Eliminator V2 Made From a Mangled Mazda Miata (Photos)

by Joseph
SalvageWon Eliminator V2

SalvageWon is a custom automotive team that specializes in taking old cars and transforming them into something much cooler. Their latest creation is the SalvageWon Eliminator V2  – birthed, believe it or not, from an old Mazda Miata.

The SalvageWon Eliminator V2 puts me in a mind of the Autobots, or maybe the Night Man villain Mangle – the point is, it doesn’t really look like anything of this Earth, much less a Mazda Miata. One aspect of the vehicle that doesn’t come from a standard-issue Miata is its turbocharger, which kicks its over 250 horsepower.

You can take a look at a few photos of the SalvageWon Eliminator V2 in the gallery at the bottom of this page. The monster isn’t for sale, but you can see more where it came from at the official SalvageWon Facebook page right here. Be careful out there people, it’s a wild world.

Here’s the gallery:

SalvageWon Eliminator V2SalvageWon Eliminator V2SalvageWon Eliminator V2

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