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Salt Sailing Concept Yacht From Lujac Desautel

by Joseph
Salt Concept Yacht

Salt Concept Yacht

If everybody who owns a yacht is secretly harboring a sailing fantasy, and everybody who still sails probably wishes they had a yacht on the weekends. Freelance designer Lujac Desautel has dreamed up a way to please both parties with one craft, a concept sailing yacht called Salt.

Named for the heyday of sailing when salt was considered precious cargo, Desautel’s concept yacht is 55 meters of sailing luxury, with room for a spa, a pool, a garden (!) and a roomy master cabin. It’s unfortunately just a dream for now, but a detailed one, as Desautel has laid out pretty much every component of the craft needed to bring it into production.

For now, though, you’ll just have to be content to take a close look at Salt over at Lujac Desautel’s official site here, where you can see photos, layouts, detailed structural details, and much more, including other works by the designer.

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