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SALT Non-Lethal Self-Defense Gun

by Joseph


Guns are a hot issue in the United States right now, with one segment of the population claiming that they’re necessary to defend yourself from all kinds of potential threats, from home invaders to government soldiers. But what if you could defend your home with a weapon that doesn’t kill, but instead incapacitates? It’s an attractive prospect for the non-deranged among us, and one represented by the SALT self-defense gun.

Rather than discharging bullets (which as we all know, are all too often to blame for unwanted deaths), SALT fires a small round that releases a cloud of chemicals that will incapacitate any attacker its fired near, giving you time to get away and call the authorities – but if it’s fired by accident or by someone with an attempt to do harm, the plus side is the effects of the chemicals are temporary and non-lethal.

It’s basically a real life version of The Green Hornet’s gas gun, and it’s raised about 15 grand from interested parties in less than a full day on IndieGoGo here, where you can pre-order yours starting at $300.

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