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Saint Unbreakable: Brand Specializes in Unbreakable Denim

by Joseph
Saint Unbreakable

Saint Unbreakable

The time between when your new pair of jeans actually start to look good on you and that pair of jeans becomes too worn out to wear in polite company (usually in the crotch area) can sometimes be disturbingly short—which is why Saint Unbreakable‘s “Unbreakable Denim” might just be worth the exorbitant asking price per pair.

Saint Unbreakable claims that their jeans are 133 times tougher than the usual denim, presumably meaning that (in theory at least) they’ll last 133 times longer. The jeans are triple stitched and engineered for maximum strength, intended to be worn all the time.  Along with the current trend of never washing your jeans, this could be a pretty interesting situation after a decade or so of continuous wear.

That exorbitant asking price of $500 and up doesn’t sound so exorbitant when you remember all the jeans you’ve had to discard over the years, and you can do some shopping or just check out some more info on the brand at the Saint Unbreakable site right here.

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