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Browse the Internet Anonymously With Safeplug

by Joseph


General opinion on the concept of privacy in 2014 is that it’s going extinct. ¬†Whatever information websites and other entities can’t get by tracking IP addresses and other consumer information they can get by checking Facebook and Twitter. But for some people, privacy online is still a priority, and the makers of the Safeplug are hoping to appeal to just that group.

The Safeplug is basically a device that provides internet privacy for dummies. By plugging it into your router, the Safeplug automatically routes your internet usage through a bunch of random locales, making it impossible to track. It does this through a preexisting service called Tor, which is already well-known to those that are fearful of being tracked online.

So if you’re concerned about internet privacy but not internet-savvy enough to make it happen on your own, you might want to check out the Safeplug website here where you can get one for just under $50. Then, you only have to worry about your Facebook friends and Twitter followers knowing every detail of your personal life, rather than a bunch of strangers.

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