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Russian Twerker Has Very Bad Day (Video)

by Joseph
Russian Twerker

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Reader warning right at the top: This is gross, also possibly fake.

Anyway, a Russian twerker was recently immortalized on video, not for the skill of her twerking, but for the very bad thing that happened to her while she was doing it.

How bad? Well, just imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to you while twerking that doesn’t actually result in physical injury or death, and that’s what this young Russian twerker has gone through for all of our entertainment.

In case your imagination is failing you right now, I’ll go ahead and give you the name of the video right from YouTube: Russian Woman Poops on Herself While Twerking. Cool?

If you haven’t already shut off your computer or phone in horror, you can watch the last “Russian twerker” video you will ever see below. And I’ll just say this: Thank God she was wearing tights.

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