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Rumpl Puffe Battery-Powered Blanket

by Joseph
Rumpl Puffe

Rumpl Puffe

We’re now closer to December than October, which means that global warming aside many of our nights are about to get much colder. Enter the Rumpl Puffe, a portable and battery-powered electric blanket that combines three technological innovations that began on Kickstarter.

Those three ideas come courtesy of Ravean, a company that developed the Rumpl Puffe’s heating system, Power Practical, which came up with the battery, and Rumpl itself, which brought them all together to create the Puffe. The end result is a powerful and fast-warming electric blanket that can be taken just about anywhere you might need it, whether for the sake of comfort or survival—not, as they say, your grandmother’s electric blanket.

Pre-orders on the Rumpl Puffe start at $175 and up on the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, where you can also read up on how it works and all the myriad different creative minds that went toward its development.

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