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Rumblr: An App for Organizing Fights With Strangers

by Joseph


One thing that crossed my mind the last time I saw Fight Club: How were these fights organized in the days before social media? Nowadays you’d just send out a Facebook invite and wait for the crowd to roll in. And now there’s an app in the works that will aim to make pummeling the face of a stranger even easier: Rumblr.

Rumblr is billed as being “like Tindr for fights,” and a one-stop shop for “casualty-free casual fighting for free” (let no one claim that underground fighting enthusiasts can’t be skilled at wordplay). I don’t know what the legality of such an app might be, given the obvious applications for dangerous violence, but what the hell, I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

The Rumblr app is set to launch “soon,” and you can get more information at its website here. Even if it never actually does become available, it’s still good for a laugh – which is much healthier than getting beaten up by a stranger.

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