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RumbaTime GO Is Way More Than Just A Watch

by Joseph

RumbaTime GO

We live in a world where it’s rare for a technological device to do just one thing – for example, a phone that just makes calls, an alarm clock that just rings at a set time, or a watch that just tells time. But even modern 2012 tech heads will probably be impressed by the new RumbaTime GO, which is a digital watch, digital wallet, and digital personal ID all in one package.

The key is the personal identification chip that will come in each watch, which allows you to make credit or debit purchases with just one swipe of your wrist – and unlike the government ID chips that will be implanted under your skin any day now (at least, that’s what sci-fi movies have been telling me), you can take off the RumbaTime GO whenever you want!

Check out the video below for more information regarding this impressive new watch.

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