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Ruggie: “The World’s Best Alarm Clock” (Video)

by Joseph


Getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning is roughly equivalent to eulogizing your parents or drinking a grass-and-egg smoothie on the list of terrible things to have to do. There are lots of alarm clocks out there that purport to make this awful task a little bit easier/more pleasant, and perhaps the most novel of them all is Ruggie.

Ruggie is different from every other alarm clock in the world in that it goes on the floor rather than a nightstand or bedside table. When it goes off, you put both feet flat on its surface, a snooze-button alternative that forces you to start waking up instead of going back to sleep. Once you step on the alarm, motivational phrases are announced, and before you know it you’re awake, enjoying an orange juice and a bagel.

Apparently there are more than a thousand people out there who will try anything to make their mornings a little easier, since Ruggie is currently blowing away its goalposts on Kickstarter right here, where pre-orders start at $59. Or you can just check it out in the video below.

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