Home Style Rubika Bookcase: A Rubik’s Cube Inspired Bookcase

Rubika Bookcase: A Rubik’s Cube Inspired Bookcase

by Joseph
Rubika Bookcase

Rubika Bookcase

As far as I know Rubik’s Cube inventor Ernő Rubik never designed a bookcase, and even if he did (he is an architect, after all), I don’t think it was in the shape of his most famous creator. But if he had, the result might look a little like the new Rubika Bookcase from Anesis.

Credit for the Rubika Bookcase actually belongs to designer George Bosnas, who somehow transmuted the Rubik’s Cube’s distinctive shape into a practical storage solution for books as well as the various knick knacks that end up on bookshelves. The only thing missing from the bookcase is the Rubik’s Cube’s interactive component, but perhaps that will be cracked sometime in the future.

For some reason, the Rubika Bookcase’s listing at the Anesis online store appears to be down, but you can read up on the product right here, and keep your eyes peeled for availability and pricing info.

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