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Roxxlyn: Tech Accessories Made Out of Ancient Stone

by Joseph


Plastic and metal are the dominant materials of everyday life in the 21st century, and if you’re lucky you might get to interact with some wood from time to time too, just to stay in touch with nature. Roxxlyn is a mobile tech accessory brand that takes a Flinstonian approach, crafting its products out of genuine ancient stone.

iPhone cases, MacBook skins, carrying cases, sleeves, and even watches are all part of the Roxxlyn line-up, made from materials like Alcantara or raw Nero Marquina, which I’m sure cause the eyes of any rock-lovers who might be out there reading this to get just a little bit wider. And despite the rocky construction, all of Roxxlyn’s accessories are purported to be slim, lightweight, and easy to use.

You can browse the Roxxlyn wares at the brand’s official site right here, where prices on the ancient stone mobile device accessories start at $106 and go up from there.

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