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Rate the Natural World With the RootsRated App (Video)

by Joseph
McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park

The internet is full of sites and apps that are designed to let you keep track of what you consume through ratings and diary entries—GoodReads for books, Letterboxd for films, RateYourMusic for…I believe that one is for music, etc.—but the natural beauty of Earth has been mostly left out, save the occasional Yelp listing.

Now, RootsRated, a website for getting expert ratings and testimonials on trails and other outdoor spots so you don’t waste time trying to find the place that’s perfect for whatever you want to do, has a new app for iOS. There’s also a “bucket list” feature, which lets you add nature spots from all over the world onto a checklist of places to hit before you reach the great outdoor hiking trail in the sky.

RootsRated is available for free at the app’s website here, and you can take a look at a video about it straight from the site below. Enjoy:


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