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RoomScan: An App That Draws Up Floor Plans Automatically (Video)

by Joseph


Our forefathers in the pre-digital era had to be more geometrically inclined as a matter of necessity, even if just to follow maps and whatnot. But in today’s world, you’d be lucky to find two guys out of ten who could draw you even a passable floor plan of their home or office, which is why it’s a good thing we have the RoomScan app by Locometric.

RoomScan works by scanning each wall of whatever room you need a floor plan for, and does the rest on its own. You get a professional-quality floor plan that you can use for any number of purposes, like remodeling or providing renter information. The free version of the RoomScan app can store up to four floor plans, but there are designs to upgrade that to 40 – which for now you have to upgrade to RoomScan Pro to get.

For more information on RoomScan, take a look at the Locometric website here. And below, you can find an impossibly quick demonstration of how the app works that lasts just 15 seconds.

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