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Rooftop Cinema Club: Movies on Rooftops in Select Cities

by Joseph
Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club

Here’s what every summer could use: Watching movies outside. Outdoor film programs aren’t that unusual, but the creme de la creme of this phenomenon would have to be the Rooftop Cinema Club, which is bringing deluxe outdoor film viewing to select cities this summer.

Those select cities are New York, Los Angeles, and London, and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in one of those cities this summer the Rooftop Cinema Club might be worth checking out. Comfy deckchairs, wireless headphones, and either BYOB or full-service bars depending on the venue, all on top of stylish neighborhood skyscrapers. Films include recent Oscar winners, cult classics, and familiar favorites, all of which will look great with the night sky as a backdrop—weather permitting.

Get more information on the Rooftop Cinema Club, including a full schedule and list of venues, at the series’ official site right here. A lot of the shows are already listed as sold out, though, so you better be vigilant if you want to get in.

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