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‘Roman J. Israel, Esq’: Upcoming Denzel Washington Movie Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Roman J Israel, Esq

Roman J Israel, Esq

It’s getting to be that time of the year again, when Denzel Washington blows everybody in the western world with another blast-off home run performance. This time around, it’s as the titular character in Roman J. Israel, Esq, a trailer for which is now online. And according to and Entertainment Weekly interview with the film’s director Dan Gilroy (he’s the guy who did Nightcrawler a couple years ago, and this looks to be another intense genre in that vein), the role was written specifically with Washington in mind:

“Roman is defined by his belief in something greater than himself. He’s a man of faith. He has this common, universal humanity to him that he believes. Denzel, if you research Denzel, he’s literally a man of faith. So it was never going to be hard for the audience to buy into the idea that the actor playing the part believes in the things Roman is doing. I think one of the reasons why Denzel dissolves into the character is because they’re so close to each other in so many ways. Denzel embodies the idea of a man living his life on terms that are based on a cause — going toward something. That’s why I really wrote it for him.”

And oh yeah, Roman J. Israel, Esq also stars Colin Farrell. Check out the trailer for the movie below, and head to a theater near you next month to see it for yourself.


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