Home Entertainment ‘Roma’: Upcoming Alfonso Cuarón Film Gets Mysterious Teaser (Video)

‘Roma’: Upcoming Alfonso Cuarón Film Gets Mysterious Teaser (Video)

by Joseph


Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón’s last movie, Gravity, was basically an old-fashioned star vehicle, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney drawing crowds into a claustrophobic chamber piece about the terror of space. His next movie doesn’t have any stars or a nifty scifi hook, so Netflix is going the mysterious route in advertising Roma in advance of its premiere on the platform.

Roma doesn’t even have a premiere date as yet, although hopefully given the fact that it was shot with 65mm film and Dolby Atmos surround sound a theatrical release will happen before the Netflix premiere. As for what the film is actually about, couldn’t tell you, unless the whole thing is just a shot of a tile floor being washed as a plane flies overhead:

For more on Roma, keep your ears to the ground in advance of its upcoming Venice Film Festival premier in September, sometime after which it will eventually turn up on Netflix.

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