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Rollholz: Handcrafted Retro-Styled Skateboards

by Joseph


Hey, here are some questions: When did skateboarding become more about technology than skating? Who decided that skateboards needed to have touchscreens and wireless Bluetooth connectivity to be considered “cool?” Why do skateboards have to have Netflix now? The answers are, “I dunno,” “no one,” and “they don’t,” but that’s no reason not to appreciate the craftsmanship on display by Rollholz retro skateboards.

Rollholz are handmade throwback skateboards in ash, walnut, and more from Tom Wilhem, a German woodworker who’s selling his wares through Etsy. His walnut and ash skateboards are unmistakable tributes to an earlier era of skateboarding, but they’re not completely free of modern advances, since they’re also more compact and portable than any classic vintage deck.

Despite all that, and even though each skateboard is made by hand, prices on Rollholz skateboards start at just $140 and up, and you can browse them all at the brand’s Etsy listing right here.

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