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Rockwell Model T Razor From Rockwell Razors

by Joseph
Rockwell Model T Razor

Rockwell Model T Razor

The art of shaving has become inundated with a a lot of gimmicks—extra blades, lubricating strips, vibrating motors, and more, many of which require a regular subscription to keep in proper working order. Rockwell Razors have opted for a simpler approach with their Rockwell Model T Razor.

As its name suggests, the Rockwell Model T Razor is a throwback to a simpler era, when shaving icons like Larry Talbot ruled over America’s bathroom sinks. But it’s also a triumph of functionality and design worthy of the 21st century. And since it comes with a pack of 100 blades, you won’t have to purchase any replacement components for at least two years.

Or at least, you won’t once the Rockwell Model T Razor makes it through the next 41 days of crowdfunding on Kickstarter here, where pre-orders start at just under $80. Given that it’s nearly tripled its original fundraising goal, though, you can be reasonably certain that deliveries will begin as planned in about a year.


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