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Rockit Logs: Speakers Made From Recycled Trees

by Joseph
Rockit Logs

Rockit Logs

Back in the old days, the only music you could hope to hear from a tree was the sweet sound of it being split apart with an ax and falling on the ground. But soccer pro and designer Jay DeMerit has come up with a new way to hear the music of the trees: Rockit Logs, high quality speakers made by hand from recycled trees.

Since each Rockit Logs speaker is made from its own slice of tree trunk in myriad varieties, it almost goes without saying that each one is completely visually unique.  If you have sharp enough ears, you might even be able to detect subtle audio differences based on the resonance of the wood too (then again, this effect would likely be in your imagination). And they’re all about 12 inches in diameter and built to be as portable as possible.

Jay DeMerit’s Rise and Shine Foundation gets part of the proceeds from Rockit Logs, which is just one more reason to check out the product’s Kickstarter listing right here for more information.

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