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‘Rockaway!’: Artist Katharina Grosse’s Abandoned House/Paint Explosion (Photos)

by Joseph

Most abandoned houses just sit wherever they are, collecting dust, detritus, and maybe the occasional squatter until someone moves in or the house gets torn down. Artist Katharina Grosse has happened upon another option, though: turn it into a crazy piece of art, like the piece she calls Rockaway!

Rockaway! looks like nothing as much as a paint factory explosion, provided the paint factory was located in a lonely coastal house in New York. That factory’s specialty, naturally, would have to be red—here’s the artist herself on her color choice:

“I wanted a very artificial colour in relationship to the nature, the water, and the sand. Red felt the most visual and hostile, even.”

If you’re in the mood for some visual hostility, take a look at a few shots of Rockaway! in the gallery below. And for information on how you can visit the installation in person, check out the MoMA listing right here.

Here’s the gallery:


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