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‘Rock Covers’ Collects 600 Album Covers In One Place

by Joseph
Rock Covers

Rock Covers

One of the things that always gets me whenever I browse a record collection is how good album art used to look back when you needed a lot more space to hold a record. CDs and cassettes sort of killed that vibe, and now in the mp3/streaming era album art is usually little more than pixels on a screen. But some heroes are bringing it back, such as the talent behind the simply titled Rock Covers, an upcoming deluxe-sized coffee table book of 600 pieces of classic album art in one volume by Jon Kirby and Robbie Busch.

Artists whose album covers are represented in Rock Covers include “Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Iron Maiden, and Sonic Youth,” but I imagine with 600 covers there are some lesser known acts in there as well. Each cover is joined by a fact sheet, and contributions include descriptions and top 10 lists from various rock obsessives.

Rock Covers won’t be released until November, but pre-orders can be placed on Amazon here, where the book is currently priced at $46.93.

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