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RoboCop Statue Unveiling in Detroit Canceled

by Joseph
RoboCop Statue

RoboCop Statue

The city of Detroit doesn’t exactly come off as a tourist mecca in the 1987 classic RoboCop, but that wasn’t supposed to stop the city from embracing its association with the metallic hero almost 30 years later.

June 3rd, 2014 is “RoboCop Day” in Detroit, and the most notable of that day’s events was to be the unveiling of a bronze RoboCop statue.

Presumably, the RoboCop statue will not come to life and dish out his own brand of violent justice on the citizens of Detroit, but the essence of the character is captured in pretty much every other way. The unveiling was scheduled to happen at noon on Tuesday, but the entire event was mysterious canceled only hours before the unveiling was supposed to take place.

The confusion stems from a confusingly-worded press release from MGM and 20th Century Fox to promote the release of RoboCop on Blu-ray.  But don’t worry, because according to Imagination Station (the people who are bringing the statue to reality), there will soon be a RoboCop statue somewhere in Detroit:

“To be clear: the RoboCop statue is still on track to be finished later this year and is still in the hands of Giorgio Gikas at Venus Bronze Works in Detroit, but news reports about it being unveiled today are incorrect.”

For more updates on the RoboCop statue, check out the project’s page on Kickstarter here.


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