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10-Foot ED-209 Prop From ‘Robocop 2’ Can Be Yours For $25,000

by Joseph
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If you’ve seen the Robocop movies, it’s likely you remember Robocop’s predecessor, the ED-209.

ED-209 is easier to control than his advanced humanoid counterpart, but he also has a tendency to fall over and shoot innocent people with his machine gun attachments.

Anyway, one of the giant 10-foot ED-209 props from Robocop 2 is now for sale on eBay here. The price tag is $25,000, which means it might be a little out of your price range if you were hoping to put in a $100 bid.

You could also place a bid on the auction site and maybe get it for a little cheaper than $25,000. As for what you could do with it, who knows? Better start making room in your apartment now.

Check out a couple pictures of the ED-209 in the gallery above.

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