Home Entertainment ‘Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream’: Motorbike Rider Rides Bike in Ocean (Video)

‘Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream’: Motorbike Rider Rides Bike in Ocean (Video)

by Joseph
Robbie Maddison's Pipe Dream

Robbie Maddison's Pipe Dream

The best dreams are the ones that no one else could ever even think of, which would seem to be a safe description of the one professed by Australian motorbike stunt driver Robbie Maddison. For two years, Maddison worked on what many would call an impossible feat – to ride his motorbike on waves in the Pacific Ocean. And now he’s finally achieved this crazy goal, and the results are immortalized in Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream in conjunction with DC Shoes.

Unless it’s some kind of a hoax (in which case I apologize for perpetuating it), Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream does indeed show Robbie Maddison motoring across the Pacific Ocean on a specially outfitted motorbike. It looks like something that might happen in a movie which would then be decried as unrealistic, and yet here it is.

You can watch Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream for yourself below. And for more on the project, check it out on the official DC Shoes site right here.

Here’s the video:

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