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Rob Ford Makes Cover of ‘Complex’ for April Fool’s Day

by Joseph
Rob Ford Complex

Rob Ford Complex April Fool's Day Cover

For the cover of Complex magazine’s “Politics Get Real” issue, there was really only one viable candidate. That candidate is none other than Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who can be seen on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue in a heavenly pose, followed by an exclusive interview with the … oh wait, it’s April Fool’s Day, isn’t it?

So Rob Ford didn’t actually sit down for an interview with Complex‘s Russ Bengtson. He also didn’t say any of the things he is claimed to have said in the interview—at least not out loud or in public. But it’s still pretty funny, and it beats most online April Fool’s Day pranks just because there are actual jokes in it.

You can check out the piece on the Complex website here. And remember that everything else you’ve read about Rob Ford isn’t an elaborate joke for April Fool’s Day, believe it or not.

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