Home Entertainment Rob Ford Replaces Jean-Claude Van Damme in Ad Parody (Video)

Rob Ford Replaces Jean-Claude Van Damme in Ad Parody (Video)

by Joseph
Rob Ford Epic Split

Rob Ford Epic Split

Whenever anything cool happens, especially on the internet, it becomes a high-value target for parody.  And when two cool things happen at around the same time, you can bet that someone will try to combine them. Luckily for us, the people at visual effects firm Artjail are gifted enough to make such a combo as seamless as possible.  For example, here’s a combination of the Volvo “Epic Split” ad and recently disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

The two might not seem like an easy pair, given Jean-Claude Van Damme’s famously taut physique and Rob Ford’s almost as famous Kirby-like frame. But Artjail made it happen anyway, and the effect is surprisingly convincing.

You can watch Artjail’s Jean-Claude Van Damme/Rob Ford remix for yourself below. Those trucks are starting to look even more well-engineered, aren’t they?

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