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Roam: Short-Term Apartments for World Travel

by Joseph


If you’ve got some frequent flier miles banked, or if you’re just looking for a change of scenery that a traditional hotel stay can’t provide, there’s a new startup that’s targeted directly at you. It’s called Roam, and it provides travelers with (relatively) affordable short-term apartment stays in various hot spots throughout the world.

A stay in a Roam apartment will set you back $500 a week, with a discount for longer stays. The apartments themselves are designed rather differently than conventional hotels, with communal kitchens, living rooms, and workspaces that emphasize a culture of connection rather than isolation (or, as some might put it, privacy). And the idea is that you sign a single lease and can make use of all their locations throughout the world (one in Bali and one in Miami for now, with many more on the way).

Roam is very clear that the service it offers is not for everyone – established creative freelancers who can work remotely (and who can afford the bill) are the primary market. But you can take a look at its official site here and see if maybe it can work for you.

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