Home Tech & Gear RMS05 Fountain Pen From Richard Mille Costs $105,000

RMS05 Fountain Pen From Richard Mille Costs $105,000

by Joseph
RMS05 Fountain Pen

RMS05 Fountain Pen

Always losing pens? I have a possible solution for that commonplace problem: Spend more than a hundred grand on one, and chances are you’ll never forget where you put it. Luxury timepiece brand Richard Mille has a way for you to do just that, with their RMS05 fountain pen.

The RMS05 fountain pen is essentially an experiment to see how much sophisticated engineering and technology can go into an ostensibly simple writing instrument. The pen’s internal workings are driven by an internal calibre that’s based on Richard Mille’s sophisticated timepiece movements. It’s self-winding and extends the pen’s nib, which happens to be made out of 18-karat gold.

As you can tell, the carbon-fiber RMS05 fountain pen is one serious piece of craftsmanship, miles away from the cheap ink pens with weird pharmaceutical logos emblazoned on the side that you probably have at your place. For more information, head over to the Richard Mille site right here.

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