Home Entertainment ‘Riverdale’: New Murderous ‘Archie’ TV Show Gets Trailer (Video)

‘Riverdale’: New Murderous ‘Archie’ TV Show Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


I’ve read maybe one issue of Archie comics in my life, but I’m pretty sure a typical story involves Jughead eating a lot of food, Archie having to deal with Betty and Veronica, and maybe, I dunno, a math test or something. And I’m even more sure that murder is not a typical part of an Archie storyline, but that component has evidently become a part of the mythos in The CW’s upcoming series Riverdale.

I suppose (with apologies to The Log Lady) the logline for Riverdale would be “Archie meets Twin Peaks” (there’s even an overlap with that show’s cast in Mädchen Amick), but as with all loglines, that probably doesn’t adequately describe the actual series. Luckily, we now have a teaser for the upcoming show that you can watch and judge for yourself.

That teaser can be found below, and Riverdale will reportedly arrive on The CW on January 26th, 2017.

Here’s the trailer:


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