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Rise: Unlimited Private Flights for Flat Monthly Rate

by Joseph


Flying by private jet is one of the top-tier rich person behaviors, along with christening your own yacht and occupying an entire floor of a high-rise building. But a new service is making the experience … well, not “affordable,” exactly, but within the realm of attainability for very frequent fliers. It’s Rise, which offers unlimited private flights (right now just between several cities in the southwestern United States) for a flat monthly fee.

Rise won’t make it cheap to fly privately, but it does make it a lot more economically feasible. For people who already fly a lot for business or other reasons, it could make sense, and would represent a definite upgrade over the usual hassles of commercial air travel. And it would be worth the fee for a lot more people once it rolls out to other areas than Texas.

That fee is $1650 a month for unlimited private flights, but you only have to put down $750 to reserve your spot here while Rise is in the pre-launch phase of development. You can also get a lot more information on the service, and stay tuned for more details on when it could be available in other cities as well.

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