Home Entertainment ‘Ring of Colour’: New Web Portal Unveiled by Hiroshi Fujiwara

‘Ring of Colour’: New Web Portal Unveiled by Hiroshi Fujiwara

by Joseph
Ring of Colour

Ring of Colour

Content on the internet is an ever-flowing river that you can’t step into twice. But artist Hiroshi Fujiwara has come out with a new way to make sense of all the coolest stuff coming downstream, and it’s called Ring of Colour for its color-coded organization system that tells you at a glance how long a given piece of content has been online.

Ring of Colour is “a digital media collection of things worth knowing about,” made up of posts from the site’s staff consisting of (for now) six members. From browsing around the site I find that one of those six members is 11-year-old boy Rio Harada, who’s one post on the site regards the new Bond film Spectre:

“The movie is nail-biting and action-packed from the very start. I thought all of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies were well connected and you discover that all the enemies from ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Quantum of Solace’ and ‘Skyfall’ are part of Spectre.”

Anyway, you can check out Ring of Colour in your choice of Japanese or English right here.

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