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Rimowa Topas Copper Luggage Collection

by Joseph
Rimowa Topas Copper

Rimowa Topas Copper

This holiday season, you may find yourself standing amid a horde of your fellow travelers, starring at a line of identical luggage at the airport’s baggage claim conveyor, praying that a meteor strike before you have to endure another moment of mind-numbing tedium. But you can avoid at least part of this horrible scenario with the Rimowa Topas Copper collection, a new exclusive from Bloomingdale’s.

It’s unlikely that too many other people on your plane will have the distinctively copper-hued luggage in this collection, if for no other reason than the price tag. All of the pieces are constructed from an aluminum magnesium alloy with a copper finish, with durability and mobility both given ample consideration in their designs.

Assuming you can hack it financially, you can shop the Rinowa Topas Copper luggage collection at the Bloomingdale’s online store right here, where pieces start at $1,350 and go up from there.

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