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RIMOWA Electronic Tag Replaces Paper Luggage Tags

by Joseph
RIMOWA Electronic Tag

RIMOWA Electronic Tag

One of the more persistent warriors in the battle against our paperless future has been the paper luggage tag, which has stuck around even after electronic boarding passes have become the norm for fliers who prefer them. But now, RIMOWA has developed something that will eventually take its place, if all goes according to plan: The RIMOWA Electronic Tag.

A bag with a RIMOWA Electronic Tag could be checked in at the airport automatically, without you having to stand in the baggage check line (which is often the longest and most annoying line at the airport, shoe removal for security checks notwithstanding). And according to RINOWA, “the first leading airlines will be offering their passengers this new convenient service” later this year, with others soon to follow.

You can see more about the RIMOWA Electronic Tag at the official RINOWA site right here. But remember to keep an old paper tag around, just in case your grandkids ever ask you about them.

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