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Rihanna’s Nude Photos Pulled From Instagram

by Joseph
Rihanna nude instagram

Rihanna nude instagram

Apparently Instagram is a lot more conservative in its content than both Lui magazine and Twitter. Rihanna recently posted a shot from her topless cover of that French publication on the photo sharing social network, but it was yanked from the site by Instagram.

That wasn’t the only action taken by Instagram towards Rihanna. According to TMZ (you can read the article here), Instagram sent out an email to the singer warning her against future posts featuring nudity, which could result in her account being “permanently shut down” because of their direct violation of Instagram’s anti-nudity policies.

Rihanna didn’t appear to be particularly daunted by the action, though. Instead, she just posted the photo on her now NSFW Twitter profile, which you can check out here. If for some reason you want a more sanitized view of the singer’s life in photos, you can take a look at her Instagram account here.

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