Home Entertainment Rihanna Does Partially Nude ‘Vanity Fair’ Photo Shoot (Pics)

Rihanna Does Partially Nude ‘Vanity Fair’ Photo Shoot (Pics)

by Joseph

The latest issue of Vanity Fair includes a cover story on Rihanna, and in news that should please just about everyone with ocular nerves connected to their brain stems, it includes a tastefully nude photo as part of a larger shoot by legendary photographer Annie Liebovitz.

Rihanna’s Vanity Fair cover shoot happened in Havana, another nice touch that might not have been feasible even just a short time ago. But let’s face it, you’re probably mostly interested in the nudity, in which case you can safely skip to the gallery down at the bottom of the page. It’s nothing too explicit, but it might qualify as NSFW in a relatively conservative environment.

As promised, you can see Rihanna’s Vanity Fair cover and some accompanying photos in the gallery below. And to read the singer’s full interview, grab the latest issue of Vanity Fair or just check it out online right here.

Here’s the gallery:



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