Home Style Rihanna Goes Topless for ‘Lui’ Magazine Cover

Rihanna Goes Topless for ‘Lui’ Magazine Cover

by Joseph
Rihanna Topless for 'Lui' (SFW)

Rihanna Topless for 'Lui' (SFW)

She’s been flirting with this eventuality for a while now, but it’s finally happened: Rihanna has gone full-on, no fooling, topless for a magazine cover. And I don’t mean “topless” like she has her back turned or something like that. No, this is full-on Rihanna nudity, delivered right to your home thanks to the magic of the internet.

The lucky magazine to carry the Rihanna topless cover shot is Lui, the most recent issue of which is now available. The cover is joined by a ten page photo spread shot by photographer Mario Sorrenti, who captured the singer in wearing a bikini and bucket hat for the magazine’s cover.

You can check out the (NSFW, obviously) Lui topless Rihanna cover below. As for picking up a copy of Lui‘s latest issue, it’s a French rag, so copies will have to be creatively acquired in North America. Or you could just go to the magazine’s website here.

Rihanna Topless for 'Lui'

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