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Richardson x Pornhub Apparel Collection Coming Soon

by Joseph
Richardson x Pornhub

Richardson x Pornhub

Few people can pull off the wear-porn-branding-in-public look without looking like a deranged creep, but streetwear label Richardson is coming out with a new collaborative collection, and the Richardson x Pornhub collection recently got a teaser on Instagram courtesy of the label’s official account.

The Richardson x Pornhub collection teaser shows a refined gentleman taking in some art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City while wearing a black Richardson x Pornhub bomber jacket. The jacket has some manner of text on the back in between the Pornhub and Richardson logos, but we’ll have to wait until some higher-definition photos to come out to determine exactly what the items listed are.

You can see the teaser for the upcoming collaboration between porn magazine turned streetwear label Richardson and porn site turned streetwear inspiration Pornhub right here, where you can also stay tuned to the Richardson Instagram account for further details.

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