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Rhino Laces: Indestructible Shoelaces

by Joseph
Rhino laces

Rhino laces

There’s nothing worse than when you’re out of the house (or even in the house) and one of your shoelaces checks out. Where do you even get a shoelace?

But if you buy a pack of Rhino Laces, you won’t have to worry about that ever happening again, because they’re supposed to be completely indestructible.

Rhino Laces carry a guarantee that they will hold up against pretty much anything the world has to offer, from water and fire to sharp blades. How they’re able to withstand all this is a bit of a mystery, and the process is currently making its way through the US Patent Office, but the makers of Rhino Laces must be pretty confident in it if they’re offering a guarantee.

Rhino Laces began their life on Kickstarter, but now they have their own website here, where you can order yours now at around $30 per lace, depending on size.

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