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Saber Tooth Tiger Beer From Rhinegeist Brewing

by Joseph
Saber Tooth Tiger Beer

Saber Tooth Tiger Beer

New from Cincinnati, Ohio’s Rhinegeist Brewing is Saber Tooth Tiger, a beer with more than enough bite to justify its aggressive namesake.  Classified as a double IPA, this 95 IBU offering is not for the faint of tongue.

Saber Tooth Tiger’s Cincinnati roots are proudly paid homage to on every bottle, with “Cincy Made” emblazoned on the label. But you don’t have to be from the Midwest to enjoy a beer this strong—although it probably doesn’t hurt.

For more information on Rhinegeist Brewing’s Saber Tooth Tiger Beer, including where you can score some for yourself, head to Rhinegeist’s Facebook page here.

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