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RetroEngine Sigma: Play Games From Every Classic Console (Video)

by Joseph
RetroEngine Sigma

RetroEngine Sigma

News of the NES Classic Edition has been greeted mostly with excitement in casual gaming circles, for its wealth of pre-loaded NES classics and its simple plug-and-play design. But it’s also been criticized as not giving users a way to explore classic games on their own, limited as it is to just 30 titles from the NES heyday.  Now, there’s the RetroEngine Sigma, for players who are not content to make do with 30 games.

The RetroEngine Sigma fits in the palm of your hand, but has the ability to play games from virtually every classic-era console up to the Nintendo 64 era using the wealth of emulators available on the internet. It’s compatible with almost any game controller you may have on hand, and it will come with 15 games pre-loaded (titles to be announced later).

You can get a full sense of what the RetroEngine Sigma can do by watching the video below.  You should also check out the product’s IndieGoGo campaign right here, where you can pre-order one for summer 2017 starting at just under $90.

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