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Retro Patents: Hang Your Favorite Patent On Your Wall

by Joseph
Retro Patents

Retro Patents

Stop any ten people on the street and ask them what their favorite patent is, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. Some prefer the classic elegance of the iPhone patent by Apple, while others swoon at the burnished brilliance of Nintendo‘s Game Boy patent. Now, there’s a new brand that lets you commemorate your favorite patent by hanging it on your wall: Retro Patents.

Retro Patents offer posters of the original patents mentioned above as well as others, including those from Atari and Blackberry. They’re printed on ultra premium luster photo paper and are divided into three limited edition categories: Technology Prints, Gaming Prints and Design Prints. Two size options are also available, in case wall space is at a premium—you know, because of all the patents.

Prices on Retro Patents posters start at $27 and up, and you can check out the available posters and buy your own at the brand’s online store right here.

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