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ResearchKit Apps Turn Your iPhone Into a Medical Researcher

by Joseph


A lot of stuff got dropped on top of consumers’ heads during Apple’s big press event today, but it would be a shame if ResearchKit didn’t get its due in the attention department. That’s because it’s a family of apps, akin to health or fitness trackers, that can contribute your personal health data to larger research structures – meaning that using them could actually benefit humanity.

Here’s how it works: Users suffering from Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, or breast cancer can download the accompanying ResearchKit app, which will give them the option of opting into various research trials. Users control how their data is shared, but ideally it will all go towards researching the condition in question, with hopefully more apps to come in the future.

For more detailed information on how ResearchKit will work and the apps’ eventual release, check out the project’s official Apple site right here. And if you don’t have any serious medical conditions as of yet, don’t worry – you still have time to acquire one or two before these apps come out.

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