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Researchers Reveal Hidden Portrait Underneath Picasso Painting

by Joseph
Hidden Picasso Painting

Hidden Picasso Painting

Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous and revered artists to ever live, which means that scholars and other appreciators of his work can do things like shoot infrared light and x-rays at his paintings, just to see what happens. In the case of his early masterwork The Blue Room, they found a painting of a bearded man, and now the people at The Phillips Collection in Washington are trying to figure out who the man is.

It’s part of an upcoming exhibit on The Blue Room that has benefited from steadily advancing technology since the painting underneath the painting was first discovered back in the 1990s. Now, the image is sharper and clearer than ever before, with researchers hoping now to eventually reconstruct the colors Picasso used in the painting as well.

You can get some more details on the painting hidden beneath Picasso’s The Blue Room from the Associated Press here.  And if you recognize the guy pictured up at the top, please contact someone at The Phillips Collection immediately.


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