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Reporter Gets Asked on TV Whether She “Spits or Swallows” (Video)

by Joseph
Reporter Asked If She Spits or Swallows

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Ah yes, the eternal question – “spits or swallows?” But before you start assuming that this turned into a sex advice site while you weren’t paying attention, you should know that I’m talking about something that happened on live TV. Granted, live TV in Australia, but still, live TV.

The question was posed to a reporter on the Australian equivalent of Today or Good Morning America, and was actually completely non-sexual in nature. The reporter was featured in a remote segment involving survivalist Bear Grylls‘ Survival Academy Challenge, during which she had to put a small worm in her mouth for some reason (the video doesn’t really give enough context for viewers to understand why this is happening). After the segment, her guileless co-host asks “so did you swallow? Did you? Or did you spit it out?” The question understandably gets a huge reaction from everyone else in the studio, and it’s unclear whether the host who asked the question ever understood why it was funny.

You, on the other hand, will almost certainly understand why it’s funny when you watch the already-infamous “spits or swallows” live TV query in the clip below. And for more from this band of kooky Australian TV personality’s check out the program’s official site here.

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