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Renegade Hovercraft: The Panzer Tank of Hovercrafts

by Joseph
Renegade Hovercraft

Renegade Hovercraft

I don’t know the complete list of vehicles that James Bond drives in the next movie, but for his sake I hope the people at MI6 and Q-Branch know about the Renegade Hovercraft, especially if they plan on having their best agent do any hovering at all. That’s because this hovercraft is like a heavy-duty Hummer in hovercraft form, for going to the places that more traditional means of conveyance just can’t go.

The Renegade Hovercraft has room for just two passengers, but they’ll be protected by a sturdy Kevlar hull that’s close to being totally indestructible. Propelling the whole thing above the ground is its AeroDrive system, which runs its engine up to a top speed of 50 miles per hour and a range of 150 miles.

A Renegade Hovercraft costs about $25,000, but even if you don’t have super-hovercraft money in the bank you might still want to head over to the official Renegade site right here for some more information.

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