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‘Reflection’: New Brian Eno Album/App Available for Pre-Order

by Joseph


Brian Eno has been recording ambient music for like four decades now, but he’s still managing to innovate within the form. His latest project is not just a simple record, but will also be available in an app that lets the user control the flow of music themselves, called Reflection.

Reflection is the latest fruit of a creative process Eno refers to as “generative,” and the app version will apply those generative processes to the user experience, allowing them to arrange the piece’s various elements themselves.  Eno says the resulting music will “unfold differently all the time, ‘like sitting by a river’: it’s always the same river, but it’s always changing.”

As a standard album, Reflection will run for 54 minutes, but with the $39.99 iOS app it will run as long as you want. It drops on January 1st, but in the meantime you can get a sneak preview and hear Eno’s own, uh, reflections on the work right here.

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