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Reefill: An App Lets New Yorkers Subscribe to Tap Water (Video)

by Joseph


You can’t make this stuff up, folks. In New York, there’s now an app that lets users get unlimited tap water throughout the city for $1.99. It’s called Reefill, and it’s purported as an alternative to the costly and environmentally detrimental water bottle habit that plagues so many.

Reefill is essentially a service that replicates those water bottle refilling stations you see in airports, but for New Yorkers who are desperate to feel like they’re doing something good for the environment. It’s also, obviously, a lot cheaper than buying new bottles of water all the time, and the water that comes from the Reefill filling stations is chilled and filtered, unlike that which comes straight out of the tap and makes New York pizza dough taste right.

See how Refill works in the video below, and if you’re in New York you can check out the locations of those filling stations at the service’s official site here.


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