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Reebok Unveils Line of Bacon At Crossfit Games (Photos)

by Joseph
Reebok Bacon
Reebok BaconReebok BaconReebok BaconReebok Bacon

You wouldn’t think Reebok, the Crossfit Games, and bacon would make a good (or even physically possible) combination, but you really can’t go broke underestimating the enthusiasm that marketing departments have for bacon. And so, Reebok Bacon was being served up to visitors at the Crossfit Games last week.

Developed for adherents to the Paleo Diet, Reebok Bacon is devoid of all the nasty stuff that usually goes into bacon and gives it its reputation as a decadent and deeply unhealthy food. That includes MSG, nitrates, and any kind of preservatives or sweeteners. And it has an appropriately inspirational tagline: “We Believe In Bacon.”

Whether you believe in bacon or not, you should know that as of now any plans to release Reebok Bacon to a supermarket near you are being kept a secret, if they exist at all. But you can check out a few photos of Reebok Bacon in the gallery up top, courtesy of Complex here.

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